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What people really think about
OIL on
the GO...

Rebecca Witte

"Super simple! No more waiting in a greasy lobby for an hour or being without your car for an afternoon. They come right to your door! Levi was kind and friendly. It was a great first experience with them."

"Seriously amazing customer service! Very professional, prompt, knowledgeable. Kept me informed during the service."

"Great Service! I hate taking my car in for oil Changes … it’s so time consuming Booked this online. Communication was great! Nothing more convenient than having them come to you!! 10/10 Recommend"

Barak Bird

"This was SO easy!! It’s hard for us to keep up with oil changes on production vehicles because they’re in use through the weekdays, but I set this up with Levi and got it done over a weekend. No lost production time! Minimal involvement on my part. Will definitely continue using!"

Mecees Matlock

"Great pricing for not having to drive and wait in line. The mechanic was done very quickly and in a clean manner which I appreciated. Will be using again👍"

Linda Martinez

"Service was great! Quick and effective. It’s so convenient instead of waisting time going somewhere and having to wait, price is reasonable too! All around wonderful deal!"

Bea More (B)

"I called Levi aka (Oil on the Go) @11am and told him about my experience at the last oil change just 180mi prior and how the past Walmart tech overfilled it and the oil on the dip stick seems bad/wrong.. Levi came over that same day and he helped me learn to change it myself. I am so thankful, he show up with the tools and know how to let me learn how and It's so comforting/ reassuring to know exactly what was done. The oil we drained out was black??? I will call him again when I want him to just take care of it or help me do it myself. I know I will be right there to experience everything that is done. He let me buy my own oil and filter and charged a good price, I felt good tipping on top of that. THANK YOU AGAIN LEVI"


"Oil change is quick!"

Jordan and Enya Crane

"Did a great job on our 2015 Toyota Prius. We don’t live within the Lawrence city limits but it wasn’t a problem for the mechanic. I have a small child and wasn’t even required to come outside, very easy and no mess or drips were left in our driveway which is wonderful. Will be recommending this service to all my friends."

Brenda Taylor

"This was quick—easy and I didn’t have to leave home! So happy to use this service!
Try it🌺"


"Fast change and didn’t have to go anywhere, great service."

"I found this company this morning and was able to book an appointment for the same day. They notified me via phone call and text when they would be arriving. The job was done in a very timely manner. He cleaned up and took everything with him. I WILL DEFINITELY use them again."

"Convenient. Efficient. This company offers unbelievable service! Our family will be using them exclusively in the future."

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